World records set in the realm of sports are both exciting and controversial. Part of the allure of watching sports live is seeing history in the making. Each play, game, quarter or match could be setting or breaking a record. We cheer on our favorite teams or players, either because we believe they are the best or we have a personal or regional connection to them. And when those world records are broken, we get affirmation for their greatness.
But one of the interesting things about sports world records is that the parameters are always changing. From changes to the rules to the changes in the equipment, playing fields or even the players themselves, some argue that world records set in the latter day don’t always measure up to previous world records in sports.
Still, sports and world records consistently command our attention. They teach us that we humans are always capable of achieving more. Our progress is often slow, but steady. We may go decades without a record being broken after a legend retires. But the next phenom to grace the playing field, track or podium revives the old excitement all over again—another world record holder, another generation of amazing sports feats.
World records are particularly exciting when new sports and competitions are introduced. One hundred years ago, we may not have recorded world records for skateboarding or snowboarding, but now, these sports resonate with modern culture.
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