World records set by people can be divided into a few categories. Most prominent are world records of human achievement, particularly physical prowess, athletic performance or feats of courage and endurance. Records have been set for tests of strength, such as lifting weights, performing pushups, pulling aircrafts and other amazing achievements. In the highly competitive world of sports, records are set and broken each day—from fast runners, high scores and big tricks to marathons and impressive teamwork.
Another subset of human world records include oddities or marvels of the human body. From the oldest married couple to the lightest birth, world records of the human body are illuminating in terms of what humans are capable of.
While phenomena of the human body are often recorded as natural marvels, some humans choose to pursue world record by subjecting their bodies to unusual treatment. From the most tattoos to the most body piercing, humans set records and prove their dedication (or insanity) with world records of body alteration.
Perhaps some of the most awe-inspiring world records set by humans are those that involve mass participation. These amazing displays of cooperation have people setting world records such as the largest gathering of people dressed as Santa Claus, the largest Irish dance and the largest tea party.
Some human world records venture into the silly—from the fastest 100 meter run, barefoot on ice to the most cockroaches eaten in a minute, some world records are true head scratchers (yet still impressive, in a way).
For more information on world records, current record holders and record breakers, check out some of our world records set by humans resources below.

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