Welcome to the World Records and Guinness directory. Guinness is almost synonymous with the idea of world records; it is seen commonly as the standard-bearer organization for witnessing, measuring, and verifying facts and feats around the globe. Its first edition, known as The Guinness Book of World Records, was printed in 1955 and became a hit in Britain. In the years since, it has become the major publication and governing body for achievements trivial and tremendous. Guinness World Records is owned now by a Canadian company. The organization uses social media, online games, its printed publications, co-branded marketing campaigns, and other means to share its content. The sheer volume of potential achievements is great since world records can be accomplished in any arena, whether it is the longest toe-nails, the tallest building, the fastest dog, the shortest horse, or the biggest squash ever grown. For this reason, Guinness World Records refers potential record-setters to its rules for whether a record will be considered for inclusion. Among the criteria, Guinness lists that world records must be objectively measurable. Subjective traits are too difficult to rank. Other rules help to ensure that the content it produces does not encourage objectionable behavior or that the categories do not become diluted with too many variations based on age, nationality, or race. These criteria aside, there are many opportunities for people anywhere to achieve something extraordinary. You can take a look in our World Records and Guinness section to see the resources that are available.

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