Auto Speed Records

The track moves by faster and faster until it becomes a blur of gray and black streaks. The wind rushes around you as though you are facing the onslaught of a tornado. The engine revs and vibrates the frame of your car as you accelerate to success. This is the making of an auto speed record, and it is the subject of this subdirectory of our World Records section. Auto speed records go beyond which car drove the fastest. They break down into different areas so that speed in all of its forms can be measured (for example, records for cars and motorcycles are kept separately.) The mode of power is also important for auto speed records; today, emphasis is placed on finding viable alternatives to fossil fuels, and so electric-powered cars may be measured separately as well. There is also a distinction between vehicles that are wheel-driven and those that are propelled by rockets or jet engines. In all cases, test conditions are carefully monitored. This is to ensure the security of the driver and the observers. It is also essential so that records can be measured accurately. Tracks for auto speed records of this type are designed to sustain the wear-and-tear that the powerful engines of these specialty cars deliver. They also give enough track for a vehicle to earn the auto speed record as well as room to come to a stop. Our Auto Speed Records directory is for publishing this type of information and more.

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